Water Industry Expert Witness

RAH Consultancy expert witness award

The work undertaken by Richard Hurst of RAH in his previous employment with regard to the production of reports and evidence for expert witness cases and the investigation of failures etc. prior to their becoming subject to court was varied. It covered both failures of fittings, incorrect installation and incorrect workmanship.

RAH has the experience of over 40 previous cases for which expert advice was sought. Many of these cases were capable of being terminated satisfactorily at the initial investigation or report stage. Five led to instruction of a solicitor, only one of these required settlement in court.

RAH has undertaken duties as party appointed expert, single joint expert and expert adviser. He fully subscribes to the CJC Experts Protocol and understands his duty to act independently, with reasonable skill and care to his clients, and that his overriding duty is to help the court.

RAH Consultancy has a listing with both the National Expert Witness Agency and the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. The listing for The UK Register of Expert Witnesses is only obtainable if the expert can provide a minimum of two solicitor’s opinions regarding his work. It therefore offers a client some indication of the expert’s competence.

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