Water Consultants

RAH Wins Best Water Engineering Consultancy 2016 - UK

construction and engineering awards 2016RAH is pleased to announce that they have been awarded Best Water Engineering Consultancy in the UK for 2016 in the "Construction and Engineering Awards 2016".



Technical Drawing of Water System at Fridd Elen DarmouthRAH Consultancy provides independent water engineering consultancy services to installers, users and manufacturers of water devices used in connection to and operation within the public water supply. This advice may relate to Product Design, Installation, or Fitness for Purpose of their products.

This is particularly relevant where these products come within the remit of The UK “Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations”, and The UK “Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations”.

We usually recommend that our expertise is utilised at the earliest possible stage of the product design process as this is very likely to provide the greatest cost efficiencies.

Further details of our Water Engineering Consultants services can be found by following the menu items under Water Consultants on the left hand side of the page, (or underneath this article if being viewed on a smartphone).