International Water Consultancy | Case Studies

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

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Mora, Sweden

We have been able to help FM Mattsson in Sweden gain TMV2 AND TMV3 approvals for their latest products. We are continuing our relationship and are currently proud to be undertaking further water regulations consultancy with this leading Swedish manufacturer. We have also recently visited Sweden and carried out auditing of their laboratory test equipment.

Unvented Hot Water Cisterns

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A Eldom Invest, a Bulgarian manufacturer of hot water heaters has contracted RAH to use their expertise in gaining WRAS approval for 3 ranges of their water heater lines. See the testimonial from Eldom Invest. 

Legionella Death

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Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

We were approached by a Northern Solicitors with regard to the death of a visitor to a hotel in the above resort who had contracted Legionnaire’s Disease. We were responsible for the examination of all the files and records regarding temperature control of the hot & cold water systems. We reviewed the European Guidelines on the control of travel associated Legionnaire’s Disease and the guidelines from the UK, America and Australia so as to understand if the control measures within hot climates differed from those in European countries. The examination produced no evidence of differing methods of control but the review of the records from site showed in our view serious areas of concern.

After serious talks with the opposing expert the Hotels Counsel conceded the case.

Invalid Bathing Equipment

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Linz, Austria

We were involved by a customer of the Manufacturer in helping them to design the Back Flow Prevention Devices for Invalid Baths. This type of equipment has a high level of risk of pollution from the water in them, so British Regulations require a high level of safety to prevent the supply in a building from being polluted. RAH Consultancy designed a Back Flow Prevention Device specifically for use with these Baths. They then liaised with the Water Undertakings and a test house so as to get these devices successfully approved.

Water Metering

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Mumbai, India

The World Bank arranged for an investigation into the state of Water Metering within this Corporation’s boundaries. the object of the exercise was to modernise the techniques of measurement and the method of billing their customers. Due to the exceptional experience and knowledge of Richard Hurst in this area of expertise he was retained to examine the present Water Metering practice and the types of Meters used. This information was included within the Reports provided by the Consultant to the World Bank.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing

flag of Australia

Brisbane, Australia

We were asked to help the Australian Company in their understanding as to the difference in test results they were experiencing on the Australian Test Rig compared to the UK Test Rig. Our knowledge of the test standards methods and translation of results in this field is acknowledged by the Industry to be outstanding. The outcome from the visit was positive and resulted in some changes to the test methods and to the Australian Test Rig.

Water Meter Test Equipment

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Pennsylvania, USA

Once again a manufacturer was needing help in understanding specific clauses and requirements of the European Test Methods. We were able to provide the level of expertise that was required and were able to solve their issues.

European Sanitaryware Design

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A well known American Manufacturer of toilet products was in need of help and advice on the present and future requirements for sanitary ware in Europe. We undertook an investigation on their behalf and reported on the issues which were causing them concern.

Washroom Fittings Manufacturer

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A major American manufacturer of washroom equipment has recently approached RAH Consultancy to administer their water fittings testing and certification approvals processes for the UK, Europe and Australia.

Tap Manufacturer

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Guangdong, China

During our continuing involvement with Water Regulations Approval we have offered continual support to a number of Chinese Manufacturers and have been particularly involved with one major Manufacturer in Guangdong. This longstanding relationship has resulted in positive business development for both parties.

Research Paper

flag of Netherlands

Den Haak, Netherlands

Providing a research paper for the Dutch national test house KIWA on the design and testing of TMV's for Domestic and Health-Care applications. This was to help them in the preparation of their new service for the testing of TMV's.

Water Storage Cisterns

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A Far Eastern water cistern manufacturer was engaged in the production of very large GRP panels which assemble into water cisterns, was experiencing difficulties with the manufacture of jointing materials. We supplied them with details of the testing requirements and explained in the particular needs of the Singapore approval bodies in the testing of cisterns and their materials. We liaised with the materials testing laboratories and after great deal of time and effort the jointing material received was successfully tested.