Experienced Water Industry Mediators

RAH Consultancy has had 14 years experience of operating, defining and interpreting the water regulations and the preceding byelaws. The consultancy is aware of occasions where the Regulation Officers interpretation laid upon a regulation and the guidance thereto; differs from the interpretation of the other parties. In these cases it is often possible to use an acceptable person to mediate between the opposing groups and reach a mutually acceptable solution. This mediation can also be used for instance, when agreement cannot be reached on the levels of backflow protection required for a system. The consultancy will also prepare documents and present cases to WRAS or the Water Industry Technical Committee where such adjudication is warranted.

mediation services

RAH still maintains good links with former colleagues in The Water Regulation Advisory Service and The Regulator who operates the UK Water Regulations. He also possesses links to various Senior Water Regulations Officers at the Water Undertakings and has the confidence of the majority of these persons as to his expertise and advice.