Water Regulations - Case Studies

Water Regulations Contract with Mace, Southbank Tower

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Mace Group were contracted to carry out the refurbishment and expansion of the Southbank Tower, London by the addition of further floors. Given the pressures involved on completion to the desired timescale Mace contacted RAH Consultancy with a request to join their team. The contract was to review the following duties with regard to the building’s water supply system. The review was to be based upon the in depth consideration of:

  • southbank towerInspection of layout drawings including all Water System design from the incoming mains to the final point of use.
  • Consideration of all proposed water fittings and the system design during the initial design stage.
  • Liaison with the production of Technical Submittals for the project.
  • Liaison with Thames Water Regulators.
  • Undertake inspections of the system at regular intervals up to the acceptance and signing off of the systems by the Thames Water Regulators

RAH Consultancy designed a computer based report structure which was evaluated, tested and accepted by Mace on site at Southbank. The reports and their recommendations and conclusions are shared by RAH Consultancy, Mace and Thames Water.

We are proud to state that, following an inspection by Thames Water Regulators, Mace have been issued with a letter granting consent and a Certificate of Compliance for the incoming water supply system, the basement water systems and all floor up to number 29.

The inspections of the other floors are completed and await the final regulators acceptance.

Water Regulations Contract with Mace, Park House, Oxford Street, London

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Mace were finding the completion of the water system at Park House difficult as the Contractors were unable to locate a commercial water softening device that met the requirements of the current Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations.

The background is that the building, comprising Commercial and Residential units, was specified to incorporate WRAS approved Water Softeners in accordance with Thames Water requirements. At the time of construction, no WRAS approved item was on the market resulting in the installation of non-compliant units.

park house water softenersRAH Consultancy were engaged to review the design of the installed units and advise a way forward. RAH based their review upon the requirement for a Water Regulations Compliant Water Softening device. Our work included;

  • Sourcing of such a device (none currently available)
  • Liaising with the manufacturer/installer
  • Production of layout drawings
  • Co-ordination of the Technical Submittals
  • Liaison with Thames Water Regulators
  • The organisation of factory testing of the proposed units
  • Undertake site inspections of the system at regular intervals up to the acceptance and signing off of the installations by Thames Water Regulators
  • General advice in dealing with Thames Water Utilities Water Regulations Department.

The units are now successfully installed and, following an inspection by Thames Water Regulators, a letter granting consent and a Certificate of Compliance have been issued.

ward logoThe contract for the manufacture and installation of the water softeners was placed with Ward Commercial Water Treatment, Essex. The units were designed in consultation with RAH Consultancy and installed as a triplex combination.

Water Consultancy Contract with a Major UK Manufacturer of Medical Products

This manufacturer maintained a large research establishment consisting of a range of buildings of various complexities at a multi acre site. They had been subjected to a Water Regulators inspection at another of their sites and this had resulted in the need to replace systems so as to remedy the non-compliances discovered. These systems alterations were insisted upon by the local water undertaking and it was necessary to complete them to the Water Undertaking imposed timetable. Disruption to operations and the costs involved were considerable.

RAH Consultancy was contracted to examine three buildings at the research establishment and provide a report on the water systems within these buildings and to suggest any remedial action to be undertaken.

RAH provided this report and a meeting was then conducted with the local Water Undertaking’s Inspector. The manufacturer then provided a schedule of their proposed remedial actions and this was agreed by the Water Undertaking. As the works were conducted on a voluntary basis it was possible for the manufacturer to plan their remedial actions and agree a time-scale for these changes which could be acomplished and costed within their pre-planned maintenance schedules. The manufacturer eliminated all surprises and unplanned costs to their operations and gave an example of co-operation to their local Water Undertaking which was appreciated.

Water Consultancy for Dutch National Water Test Facility KIWA

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KIWA approached RAH Consultancy because they were aware that Richard Hurst had instituted the first test scheme for anti-scald thermostatic valves in Europe. He had actively promoted to the NHS the production of the test procedures for this work. He went on to design and build the first UK test facility to carry out the certification requirements. 

KIWA were preparing to enter the market for and testing of TMV's for Domestic and Health-Care applications. RAH Consultancy were the first choice to help them in the preparation of their new service for the testing of TMV's. 

Water Regulations with Regard to Shipyard Hose Union Bibtaps

We were approached by a solicitor acting on behalf of a well known yacht brokerage and yacht builder to prepare a report with regard to the relevant sections of the Water Supply Regulations pertaining to the risk category of water supplied through hose union bib taps.

The issue referred to hose union bib taps positioned at various locations throughout the shipyard and used for;

  • general purposes
  • the provision of wholesome water to yachts
  • supply of water to the dry storage area
  • the wash down of yachts

It was considered by the local Water Undertaking that the risk classification for these devices should be that of Fluid Category Five, whereas it was considered by the Shipyard that the correct interpretation of the risk classification should be that of the lower Fluid Category Three for which a lesser category of back-flow protection would have been satisfactory. The classification of risk level would have significant cost and usage implications for the shipyard's operation.

It is worth noting that the interpretation was likely to set a precedent which could affect all shipyards in the UK.

We were requested to review documents supplied by both parties and to visit the shipyard to inspect the current water supply arrangements. The RAH Consultancy report indicated that in our opinion the highest Fluid Risk level was Fluid Category Four, although other aspects were of a lower category risk. A further report regarding the nature of the risk was supplied and all of the issues involved were submitted to the technical committee of the Water Undertakings. After careful consideration our proposals were accepted and a new interpretation of the Water Regulations was published defining the risk from bibtaps in shipyard applications.

Water Regulations Inspection of an American Airforce Base

"Ensign of the Royal Air Force

RAH Consultancy was requested by one of our industry colleagues to collaborate on a Water Regulations inspection of a large American Airforce base. It is US government policy to ensure that the water systems on their overseas bases are designed and maintained to at least the standards required in the USA.

RAH first examined the differences between the US Code of Practice for the design and installation of hot and cold wholesome water systems and the UK Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations. Based on this study we recommended that the highest level of regulation from both the US and the UK would be used during the inspection.

RAH then advised and oversaw the Inspectors whilst they carried out a building by building inspection of the whole base. The inspection commenced with the most important and potentially highest risk buildings such as food preparation areas, and medical and sports facilities. At the end of this period both parties were satisfied that the works were being undertaken to the highest standards and the inspection of the rest of the base continued.

Water Regulations Inspection for a Major Supermarket Chain

RAH Consultancy was retained by the service company awarded the refurbishment contract of a large supermarket. We undertook a survey of the entire store's water system both front and back of house. Because the store was operating normally during the refurbishment the inspections were carried out overnight. Our inspection was comprehensive and included the identification of all redundant "dead leg" Our report included diagramatics of all Water Regulation non-compliances and a schedule of remedial action required.

Writing Water Regulations City & Guilds Course for HSL Compliance

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After being approached by HSL Compliance, a large water condition monitoring organisation, RAH Consultancy was asked to design a syllabus for them which would include current Water Regulations and also the installation, commissioning and testing of Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV's) so as to meet the requirements of TMV2 and TMV3.

The work included the provision of all course notes and examination papers for the in-house City and Guilds course. On completion of the design stage we acted as the course lecturer for the organisation, this included conducting the practical element of the installation and maintenance module as well as the theoretical modules.

On completion of the syllabus the company found that their employees had increased confidence and greater competence in the undertaking of their duties.

Water Regulations Collaboration with Crosswater

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RAH Consultancy undertook a project to oversee the testing to the requirements of the Water Regulations and the anti-scald measures of the TMV3 Scheme for Crosswater. Like many organisations the specialised knowledge of the testing requirements of these schemes and the necessary knowledge of materials of construction requires time and experience to be quick and successful and this RAH Consultancy can supply

Following the success of this minor project RAH Consultancy was retained on a yearly basis to develop a major project for Crosswater who wished to offer complete ranges of products that were WRAS Approved.

The project entailed:

  • A detailed study of each complete model

  • A detailed study of the drawings

  • A detailed study of the materials of construction

  • The provision of advice to the manufacturer of each model as to changes to the manufacture process.

  • The provision of advice as to the selection of materials of construction that met the requirements of the Water Regulations

  • The completion of all the application forms for each model and liaison with the testhouse during testing.

  • In the event of failure of a device the provision of remedial actions so as to ensure future success.

During the four years over which the project ran RAH Consultancy completed over two hundred applications for Crosswater products.

RAH Consultancy also acted as the companies Technical Manager and on their behalf attended the technical Meetings of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association and Buildcert reported on any technical issues to the company.

We worked with Crosswater on the completion of all the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations as these came into force and successfully completed their changover on time and to the requirements of the Regulations.

Our association continued until Crosswater’s internally recruited staff were sufficiently advanced to take over the role.

Challis Water Regulations Approvals Contract

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RAH Consultancy has now been retained by Challis Water Supplies and their Swedish Manufacturer colleagues to prepare their products for UK Water Regulations Approval and Buildcert Approval.

Acting as their technical expert in this field the works include the following:

• A detailed study of each complete model

• A detailed study of the drawings

• A detailed study of the materials of construction

• The provision of advice to the manufacturer of each model as to changes to the manufacturing process.

• The provision of advice as to the selection of materials of construction that met the requirements of the Water Regulations

• The completion of all the application forms for each model and liaison with the testhouse during testing.

• In the event of failure of a device the provision of remedial actions so as to ensure future success.

We are, in particular, working with them and giving advice on the materials testing of items such as Shower Hoses, this is ensuring that the duty of care of a Manufacturer to Legionella control issues are successfully met and appropriate to the Risk.

Water Regulations Contract with EP & S

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Approval of a range of expansion joints for use in Water Supply Systems.

These joints were tested and accepted by the Water Requlators as meeting the requirements of the Water Regulations.

RAH Consultancy is pleased to collaborate on any size of project to ensure a product is capable of meeting the Water Regulations.

Water Regulations Contract with Crown Water Heaters

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We advised Crown Water Heaters on the requirements for the Water Regulations with regard to their wall mounted water heaters.

The project was mainly notable for the work required to ensure the material of the internal enamel lining was acceptable to the Water Regulations. Our advice ultimately resulted in this material passing the test and acceptance criteria of the Water Regulations.