Richard Hurst

Richard Hurst

Managing Director

Richard founded RAH Consultancy over 13 years ago. He is highly knowledgeable and respected in the water industry, Richard has over 27 years experience in all aspects of Water Regulations and Building Regulations compliance. He started in the late 80s working with the team of the Water Research Centre where he advised the Water Undertaker's inspectors with regard to Water Regulations and their predecessor, Water Byelaws. He works both in the UK and abroad. He has the honour of being a fellow of CIPHE, and is an Incorporated Engineer. He is also an incorporated marine engineer which provides him with additional skills relevant to water engineering.

Richard’s specific core skills include:

  • The design of water fittings and systems.
  • Advising on water fittings and system failures.
  • Development and implementation of British, European and Industry Standards for water systems and fittings.
  • Development of test equipment for the testing of water systems and fittings, to assess their performance and fitness for service.                       

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Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering
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