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Dispute regarding cost of works for Perth College, University of the Highlands & Islands

Perth College had engaged a local plumber to undertake changes to the heating system within two lecture rooms upon their campus. The College considered that the works, once completed, did not offer good value for money and furthermore the time taken from commencement to completion appeared to be greater than necessary. In addition, the cost of materials was also considered to be excessive.

We examined the time sheets and job sheets provided by the contractor and arrived at own own estimate of the hours required. Our spreadsheet of the timesheets submitted showed a number of anomalies regarding the hours worked and the number of staff supposedly on site.

We then calculated the Regulation compliant materials that would be required to complete the installation and researched local suppliers who could offer the required materials for the project, and the prices applicable. We discovered that suppliers local to Perth could supply the required materials at a significantly lower cost than that charged by the contractor.

The report provided by RAH Consultancy concluded that the cost of the works approximated to £3,000 against the contractors invoice for approximately £5,500. The contractor settled with the College on the terms suggested by us.

Joint Experts Report regarding unpaid work for Plumbing Contractor

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A householder had noticed a drop in pressure in her unvented heating system. The boiler and storage cylinder were located in a garage and the pipework crossed an outside yard before entering the house. Her service contractor advised her that she has a possible leak.

After contacting her Insurers, a local plumbing firm was contracted to discover the leak.  After considerable effort the plumber eventually discovered the source of the leak under concrete in the outside yard. An estimate was provided for the work to be completed and accepted by the insurance company. The plumbing contractor completed the works, however, he did warn his client that the water system was extremely old.

After completing the works and successfully pressure testing the system, the plumber presented his invoice. The householder questioned the price, despite the invoice being approved and the monies paid to her by her insurers. She subsequently refused to pay the plumber. This went to the small claims court who required that a joint expert be appointed. Our investigations and our subsequent report concluded that in this case the plumber's costs were satisfactory.

Re-Establishing Contaminated Spring Water System

Re-Establishing Contaminated Spring Water System
We worked for a well known manufacturer of drinking water jug filters who had decided to design a new product range for direct connection to the Water Supply.

RAH Consultancy were required to identify manufacturers of taps who were, in our opinion, capable of delivering a product of the required quality and quantity.

We obtained WRAS product certification for the product's use within the UK and further worldwide launches were planned.

Re-Designing A Household Water System

Re-Designing A Household Water System
RAH Consultancy was contacted by Mr and Mrs Fletcher, the owners of a property in Barmouth, North Wales regarding the installation of the hot and cold water and heating system within their premise. This was a large property with included four en-suite facilities, underfloor heating and a granny flat.

It was quickly established that there were many problems with the installed system. These problems included undersized piping throughout, undersized hot water cylinder and uninsulated heating pipes in the underfloor void. The installer had broken through the hung concrete floor to gain access to the void, compromising the floor's integrity in the process.

RAH provided a detailed report as to the systems shortcomings relating to the Water Regulations and to BS 6700 and the Plumbing Design Guide. Negotiations with the builder as to the required remedial actions were protracted. However, the builder's did eventually agree with the findings of our report.

The entire plumbing system was redesigned by ourselves. Calculations for flows, pipe sizing and heating requirements were undertaken. Working drawings were provided and the entire plumbing system re-installed in accordance with best practice. The plumbing works were overseen by ourselves, and were installed and commissioned to the complete satisfaction of the building's owners. This process avoided a possible lengthy court case.

Consultants for Mace Group

We are currently working as Consultants for Mace Group providing our expertise with regard to the Water Regulations. We pride ourselves on our selection by Mace Group to work with them on a number of very high profile projects in the the South East of England.

Southbank Tower - Southwark

Southbank Tower - Southwark
Mace Group commissioned RAH Consultancy to undertake a detailed evaluation of the proposed water systems within the Southbank Tower development. The Southbank Tower is one of London's most prestigious new developments. The complex, situated alongside the River Thames, offers spectacular views of central London from it's 40 storeys.

Within both the podium and tower we were required to investigate the entire water services network and arrive a judgement as to whether the proposed water services met the requirements of the Water Regulations. We advised on the removal or modification of non-compliant water systems and where necessary sourced the replacements. Part of the work required the preparation of technical reports on the equipment used and these were linked to the plans and documents prepared by Mace. When we were satisfied of the correctness of the installation we arranged the necessary Thames Water inspections. The working relationship we established with Thames Water and their belief in the integrity of our own inspections has led to the rapid signing off of the buildings entire water system.

Park House - Oxford Street

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Another of our Mace projects is Park House in London's Oxford Street. Although the building had been completed some years ago, there were a number of Water Regulations non-compliances which were unresolved. A major problem was that no "compliant" salt regenerative water softeners existed. Mace requested our assistance in resolving this issue. We were able to source Regulatory compliant components and develop a good relationship with the respected system installer, Ward Watersofteners. Working together, we successfully developed a design for a system that was subsequently installed at Park House. Whilst we were developing the system we continuously liaised with Thames Water to ensure that the proposed system met with their approval. Following the acceptance of the installation, this design can now be used in any future projects.

Borehole Water Storage - Hertfordshire

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An Agricultural Estate, consisting of the Manor House and 20 cottages, with their accompanying farm buildings, was supplied from a large old water tower which was fed from a bore hole supply. Routine water sampling had identified the presence of e-coli in the system and this was traced to the water tower. RAH was approached to offer advice on the most economical method of refurbishing the system. The refurbishment had to balance the safe design of the system with tight budgetary constraints. However, it was soon evident that the water tower was beyond repair and an alternative design based on 2 water cisterns mounted on a concrete plinth was substituted. Because of this ground based supply, the water pumping system also required redesign. We further advised on the borehole pump and borehole pump building.

RAH then advised on the selection of contractors who were to undertake to chlorination of the system and supply long term analytical support for the future safe delivery of wholesome water.

Cooling System in a Large Air-conditioned Factory

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The engineering maintenance staff at a large hardware manufacturing plant were constantly suffering from failures of the air conditioning units throughout the warmer months. Although the air conditioning system was large with an adequate reserve the secondary cooling system was too small which resulted in short operating periods as the AC quickly cooled the system and cut out at the low temperature setting. The cooled water which served the individual room chillers quickly warmed which called on the compressors for further service.

RAH Consultancy was approached to consider the operational requirements for the units and suggest options. The system was found to operate through a low loss header transfer system and RAH advised that the size of the stored water be increased by a large factor so as the increase the operational load and decrease the number of stop/starts that were stressing the system. The calculations for the water storage and operational times were provided to our client.

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