Water Systems and Device Failure

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RAH Consultancy provides independent water engineering consultancy services to installers, users and manufacturers of water devices used in connection to and operation within the public water supply. This advice may relate to Product Design, Installation, or Fitness for Purpose of their products.

This is particularly relevant where these products come within the remit of The UK “Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations”, and The UK “Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations”.

We are commissioned by many manufacturers & construction companies to discover the cause of failure of both water system installations and devices.

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Water Device Failure

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RAH Consultancy will conduct investigations into product failure acting as an industry expert. We maintain access to independent Fittings and Materials Testing Laboratories who are capable of undertaking testing to our requirements to assess reasons for failure.

This work has been an integral part of our business for the past 13 years. We would normally assess products against the quality requirements of the British and European Standards appropriate to the device: unless more specific requirements were stated in the supply contract. The work invariably entails an investigation into the method of installation, as often, product failure can be wholly or partly due to incorrect installation.

Product failure can also arise due to failure to meet contractual specifications. Issues have arisen where the item supplied was not as specified, for instance a gate valve was required by the purchaser to meet the requirements of BS 5163. The supplier who was awarded the contract was suspected of providing valves not of the specification supplied in the tender. Inspection and testing against the specification proved this was so.

Water Systems Failure

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RAH Consultancy has worked with major companies examining systems so as to prevent possible damage to property and health. The installation of a water system which meets the Water Regulations will ensure that the system will limit hazards to health from bacteria such as Legionella. Attention to detail such as water temperatures, storage volumes etc. will decrease the likelihood of the growth of bacteria.

Design faults can also cause excessive velocities in the circulation of water due to to undersizing of pipe systems and these can decrease the life of such pipe systems.

Water cistern design failures can lead to excessive storage, stagnation and other problems. RAH Consultancy has a long and successful history in the correct design of all types of Water Installations.

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